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Reliable Chimney Repair and Equipment Sales in Richmond, VA

At Clean Sweep in Richmond, Virginia, we specialize in chimney repairs and equipment sales for all types of flues, pipes, and stacks. We also offer dampers, chimney caps in all sizes (both stainless steel and copper), stainless liners, relining services, and more. Traditional cleaning services, including mortar crown or masonry cleaning services are available as well.

Any Cap, Anytime

With Clean Sweep, you have the ability to choose from a variety of chimney cap options from our catalog. Our primary manufacturers are Cooperfield™ and Olympia™.
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Repairs and Inspections

Ensure your stack's safety through our video camera inspection services. This is perfect for insurance or real estate clients, and it is a trusted method for animal removals.

Our Masonry Options Include:

  • Loose Brick Relaying
  • Mortar Crowns Replacement
  • Fire Box Rebuilding
  • Pointing and Point Brick Work
  • Vestal Mount Assembly Installation including Vestal Damps and Lyemance

Dryer Vent Services

To complement our chimney services, we provide residential and commercial dryer vent cleaning. We can also replace dryer vent hoses.
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